Hey there!

Excited to share a bit about myself and what I am seeking in a life partner and see what magic the internet may drum up! If you think we’d be a good fit, I’ve got my contact information at the bottom if you wanna say hi. If you’re not a single lady, I’d love it if you could share this with awesome women in your life that you think would be a good match (I’ll make it worthwhile 😂)!

I’m Ujwal, an entrepreneur that’s passionate about learning and always growing in life. I enjoy finding ways to keep traditions from my culture & family alive while also having curated my own path, making sure to have balanced professional ambition and personal growth. I’m grateful to be very happy, living an awesome life, and would love to share it with the right person to grow a family of our own.

Intro Facts:
Age: 32
Height: 6’00”
Location: Southwest Florida
Kids: absolutely want them! Like yesterday
Religion: Hindu
Language: fluent in Telugu & enough Spanish to get by after living in Mexico
Drink/smoke/drugs: never had a sip, puff, or snort

Professional Life:
I buy and operate companies, something that I deliberately chose & absolutely love! I am super ambitious, and love to learn through my companies. Feel free to check out UjwalVelagapudi.com for more on what I do professionally or check my X for daily tweets at twitter.com/ujwalvelagapudi.


  • Health and Fitness: Leading a healthy, active lifestyle is paramount to me. I lift 5-6x a week, and play basketball or soccer in some adult leagues. Goal is to still be playing sports & enjoying adventures well into my 70’s & beyond!
  • Interests: I’m always up for trying new stuff – literally anything. I love the outdoors and will take trips to go hike, any outdoor activities, or even just a chill walk by the beach. I’m certified in diving, taken a year of improv lessons & would like to try stand up, and also enjoy horseback riding. Love going to live events, especially sporting events.
  • Travel: I do a lot of traveling – mostly all for leisure and some blended business & social trips to hang with friends. I also make the effort to see family as often as I can, locally or internationally. I value that I’ve created a life where I can travel in an instant, or stay months in a location while enjoying myself professionally & personally. Currently en route to traveling to all 7 continents within 2023!
  • Money: I live frugally on a modest salary that I haven’t changed in many years. I purposely choose to reinvest, and I enjoy my minimalistic lifestyle that optimizes for experiences in life over possessions.

Cultural Connection:
My Indian roots are close to my heart. I speak Telugu fluently and love keeping our traditions alive. Annual trips to India are a highlight, as is spending time with family and friends.

Looking for a Partner Who:

  • Shares Similar Values: 
    • Genuinely loving & caring
    • Open-mindedness with a high emotional intelligence
    • Ambitious + loves what they do
  • Prioritizes Health: Someone who values their health & wellness, and would enjoy being active with me on trips or at home.
  • Family: Family-Oriented and would be excited to prioritize creating a family together in the future.
  • Enjoys Learning and Adventure: A partner who is also curious about the world, introspective, looking to grow, and willing to embark on life’s adventures with me.
  • Misc.: 25-30ish, flexible to relocate, traditional values

Fun Facts:

  • I almost exclusively listen to Telugu songs (like these)
  • I’m always up for trying out new hobbies – suggestions welcome!
  • Comedy is my go to weekend activity – either stand up or improv shows
  • The food I’m most likely to try in a new city: the best Thai, Indian, pizza, and burger

Reach Out
If you resonate with my journey and values, I’d love to chat! Let’s explore the possibility of a shared future filled with love, growth, and adventure.

If you feel like we’d be a good fit, email me at (ujwal91 @ gmail) with your favorite childhood cartoon as the subject.

When you do say hi, please don’t feel like you need to write as much as I have here, but would love it if you could share a bit about yourself, include some recent photos, and links to any online profiles you have that I can check out as well.